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Our olive oil is EXTRA VIRGIN, FIRST COLD PRESSED. Extra-Virgin means the oil comes from the very first pressing (or processing) of the olives to release the very best, highest quality, oil from the olive.

First cold-pressed means the oil is processed using as little heat as possible to ensure minimal damage at this delicate stage. Athena’s Gift uses the principle of centrifugal force (spinning) to accomplish this.

Please take a few minutes to explore what Athena’s Gift has to offer.

Holiday Schedule for the Certified Farmer's Markets in Merced
With the Holidays fast approaching, we at Athena’s Gift have worked out our schedule for the Certified Farmer’s Markets in Merced. We hope you will find it useful when considering your next visit. Please contact us if you have any questions, orders, or requests.

Athena's Gift's elegant olive oils
Our olive oils are a blend of Spanish and Italian varieties. The warm, roasted flavors are sure to complement any dish. Order yours today!

Athena's Gift offers hand made soaps
Lavender, Honey/Oatmeal and Goat Milk. These soaps have a silky texture and distinctive aromas. Order yours today!


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